Leonard S. Dickerson can help you attain Chess Success.

Basics for Scholastic Chess Players:

A Guide for Players and Coaches

A new Chess Success Guide by National Master Leonard S. Dickerson

There is specific knowledge which all good scholastic players should be familiar with if they aspire to represent their school or club in team competition. Understanding of these essential elements will assure that the player is adequately prepared to competitively plan and advance in chess.

This practical presentation focuses on avoiding one-move blunders rather than emphasizing seeing four-move combinations. Opening principles are promoted rather than specific openings because practice has shown that beginning players lose because of avoidable blunders rather than inadequacies of the opening. With about 220 diagrams, the ideal opening, tactical basis of combinations, and endgame principles are presented in a conversational manner to promote easy teaching by chess coaches in the classroom or player's studying alone. Some test positions with instructional value are also given so that players' progress can be measured.

One of the book's eight sections addresses many of the questions asked by parents and chess coordinators on how to prepare their players for team competition. It spells out (1) basic chess knowledge, (2) approaches to qualifying a team, (3) duties of team captains and coaches, (4) Alternative substitution and closing ranks toward the top, (5) coordination of draw offers by the team captain, and (6) other team-specific situations. This book is a must for those developing a team, especially in Tennessee.

To promote the student's independent growth and continued development, book recommendations are made and advanced topics (such as attack, defense, and sacrificing for active rook play) are touched on in an Appendix.

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