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Shakmaty Bereolos

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Internet Chess Servers

Internet Chess Club

FICS - Free Internet Chess Server



Yahoo Games


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TCA - The Tennessee Chess Association

USCF - The United States Chess Federation

FIDE - The World Chess Federation


Game Downloads

The Week In Chess

G. Ossimitz: Chess Page

Encyclopedia of Chess Openings


Chessbase Free Online Database

Chesslab Online Database


Zarkon Fischer's Free Chess Programs


Chess Links

Chess Links

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Online Resources

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Cyber Chess

Chessbase Light

Bookup Light

Chess Software Program Reviews

Computer Rating Lists

Anti-Computer Chess

Online Computer Cheating


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Simple Chess Lessons

Free Chess Advice For The Inexperienced Player


Chess Entertainment

Tim Krabbe's Chess Curiosities

Archives (Tennessee and southern states)

Chess News

Chess Variants

Sam Sloan's Chess Page

The Bobby Fischer Home Page

Chess City Magazine

Chess History

Bughouse Chess

About.com: Chess


E-mail Groups

Newsgroup: rec.games.chess.analysis

Newsgroup: rec.games.chess.computer

Newsgroup: rec.games.chess.play-by-email

Newsgroup: rec.games.chess.politics

Newsgroup: rec.games.chess.misc

Chess Improvement (Yahoo)

ChessChat (Yahoo)

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La Mecca Online Chess Encyclopedia

Jeremy Silman

The Chess Drum

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